Belarusian State Centre for Accreditation

Belarusian State Centre for Accreditation

The Republican Unitary Enterprise “Belarusian State Centre for Accreditation” (BSCA) is authorized to carry out accreditation activities in the Republic of Belarus.

International cooperation in the sphere of accreditation

  • International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)
    BSCA has been a member of ILAC since 2011.

  • International Accreditation Forum (IAF)
    BSCA has been a member of IAF since September, 2015.

  • European Co-operation for Accreditation (ЕА)
    BSCA has been a member of ЕА since 2011.

  • Euroasian Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (EASC)
    More information about the activities of BSCA in the framework of the EIC can be found here.

  • Interregional Association for Standardization (МАС)
    BSCA represents the Republic of Belarus on accreditation issues in the Interregional Association for Standardization (headquartered in Ankara, Republic of Turkey).

  • Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)
    As a part of the implementation of the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union, BSCA also works on the accreditation of testing laboratories (centers) and certification bodies carrying out conformity assessment activities against the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (TR EAEU). BSCA forms the national part of the Unified Register for Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories of the Eurasian Economic Union.

As a member of international (ILAC and IAF) and regional (EA) organizations in the field of accreditation, BSCA provides accreditation of conformity assessment bodies for compliance with the requirements of the following international standards:

  • testing and calibration laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025)

    Accredited laboratories conduct tests:

    • food and agricultural products;
    • chemical products, fuels;
    • construction products;
    • light industry products;
    • engineering products;
    • industrial safety facilities, etc.

    Accredited calibration laboratories carry out calibrations in the following areas of measurement: geometrical quantities, mass, density, physico-chemical quantities, thermophysical quantities, etc.

  • management systems certification bodies (ISO/IEC 17021-1)

    Accredited certification bodies certify management systems according to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14401, HACCP, ISO/TC 16949, etc

  • product certification bodies (ISO/IEC 17065)

    Accredited certification bodies certify food, construction products, perfumery and cosmetic products, petroleum products, etc.

    Accredited certification bodies certify hairdressing, construction, tourism and other services.

  • personnel certification bodies (ISO/IEC 17024)

    Accredited certification bodies certify expert auditors, expert energy auditors, welding personnel, non-destructive testing personnel.

  • inspection bodies (ISO/IEC 17020)

    Accredited inspection bodies carry out inspection of urban planning and design documentation, inflatable play equipment, etc.

  • medical laboratories (ISO 15189)
  • proficiency testing providers (ISO/IEC 17043)
  • manufacturers of reference materials (ISO 17034)

Contact Information

Belarusian State Centre for Accreditation

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